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Fire Safe

“We do not use chemicals or treated Fire Safe textiles we only use Nomex”

Nomex contains a blend of at least 5% Kevlar to add greater protection with a blend of Carbon fibres to provide permanent antistatic characteristics.


Nomex is also resistant to most industrial oils, solvents and chemicals, making Nomex ideal for all primary barrier clothing – Dupont. Nomex.


We use Nomex In preference to any of the impregnated methods of fire resistance as these chemical impregnated methods have been under doubt for a while as to the safety of the chemicals and also the fact that if there is not a controlled laundering environment.


With these chemical fire resistant methods the fire safe factor can be washed out fairly quickly rendering the garment unsafe. There is also no science as to how long the fire resistance will last, therefore we will not use them.


We only use Nomex which is inherent and proven certified safe. You can see these details from Dupont's website as they are stringent in the application of the textile.