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Our Code of Ethics.

"There is honour in a hard days work and pride in a job well done."


Having around thirty five years experience manufacturing in Australia you could say that I have an idealists pursuit in building the dream of Australian manufacturing being again the proud and booming trade that it has been in years gone past. Australian made has always had a reputation for a quality and long wearing garment. I believe as an aussie manufacturer and proud of it that we need to keep this as part of our daily work ethic. We also use recycled and recyclable packaging.

Not being satisfied with only manufacturing here in Australia I am also dedicated to the use of Australian milled textiles so we are assured of the safest quality textiles whilst supporting our textile milling industry here in Australia. I guarantee you a good quality and safe garment, straight forward and no bull. So come on board Australia and let’s show em how it’s done!

Regards Diane Spence Designer— Owner MIC designs.



I.P. Design patents and copyrights….

All mic design garments are from our own original designs and as such are subject to IP, design and copyright laws. The scatman and riggerman characatures in all forms are also copyright to us. The trademarks scat half scarf half hat, five different ways of wearing the ned jumper, block cooler and micdesigns are also registered and subject to these laws.

Do not accept imitators as our textiles are meticulously sourced from here in Australia and quality tested here at home in keeping with Australian industry standards. We are dedicated to supplying Australian milled and have achieved this with our cotton, jersey, fleecy and nomex garments. This way we are assured of the best quality textiles making a good quality and safe work garment that is fully manufactured in Australia.

Flame retardent chemicals are known to be carcenagens that is why we only use milled flameproof textiles such as nomex or the natural fibres such as wool and cotton which have inherent protective properties. We will not risk safety for not only our customers but our own workers and avoid all contact with hazardous chemicals. All of our garments are subject to these strict conditions. These standards not only produce a quality, efficient, long lasting garment unique to Australia, they also create support for the network of Australian textile workers doing a great job here for the Australian manufacturing, cotton and wool industries.


Nomex jersey is cream in it’s natural state which we keep in stock however can be obtained in limited colours for larger orders.

One of the u beaut factors of Australian manufacturing is that we can safely do almost anything our customer desires in any colour, size or combination. Printed or embroidered logo. So please ask as we are sure our team can help!

Contact us for information on availability and turnaround times.

For information on setting up accounts or quantity orders please contact management.



Fire Safe Garment...


Fire Safe

“We do not use chemicals or treated Fire Safe textiles we only use Nomex”

Nomex contains a blend of at least 5% Kevlar to add greater protection with a blend of Carbon fibres to provide permanent antistatic characteristics.


Nomex is also resistant to most industrial oils, solvents and chemicals, making Nomex ideal for all primary barrier clothing – Dupont. Nomex.



Cooling Garment...



We use a clear, hard wearing, long lasting, non toxic material with a combination gusset. (no slimy feel)


We do not recommend freezing garments as it may fracture. Textile also is far too cold for the old Block. Cool or iced water is best.


Sun safe Cooling Garment...


Sunsafe + Cooling

Cooling and Sun safe.
Sun Safety


Here are the facts in plain easy to understand Aussie speak. Okay. Polyester in any form is hot as it is not a natural fibre. Cotton the summer alternative to wool has all the properties you need in a cool sweat absorbing work garment. Obviously darker cottons have higher protection as they are not bleached white. So you have to find a happy medium as dark colours attract heat even if they are reflecting rays.


Okay also bearing in mind that bright colours come up well with OB op brighteners which are usually in today’s laundry products. These OB increase the sun protect factor of the cotton garment. A new optical brightener just developed last for 20 washes and increases sun protect factor dramatically. Crickey okay last one when you wash cotton garments they shrink down also increasing sun factor protection.