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Australian milled cotton jersey knit approx 180 GSM in weight. Polymer gelcap cooling sections applied throughout the scarf. Once activated gel will stay cool for hours. Rinse in cool water and ice or refridgerate for a few minutes to reactivate coolness. Machine wash in cold water and hang out in shade to dry. Cooling gel will crystalise after drying garment out thoroughly. To reactivate just place in a bowl of cool water then refridgerate. The cooling scarf can be worn around the shoulders, under the brim of a hat, as a head scarf, flaps fit out over ear for sun protection and any other way you can think of.  


  • Our cooling garments are made using 100% australian milled cotton and can be machine washed on a cold normal machine cycle.  We recommend washing them first to fully activate the gel caps inside the pockets. Then cool as required either with water, ice or refridgeration. When you are not going to be using polymer crystal garments for a while then machine wash and dry the crystals down thoroughly they will reactivate even after long periods of time.

  • Please contact us for shipping rates on quantity or wholesale orders.

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