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Australian milled Nomex jersey knit is a certified fire safe textile made from nomex kevlar carbon mix we only use this knit in an undyed state being a natural cream colour marbled with streaks of grey and very comfortable against the skin. At 320 gsm the nomex jersey is also warm with the weight and composition of the textile combining to protect the wearer from fire, spark, cold and wind. Warm wash and air dry as the protection Nomex provides does not wash out it is inherent in the textile. Nomex embroidered label and water based DTG print logo. 


  • Australian milled and manufactured Nomex registered to Brucks textiles we only use these Australian milled fire retardent textiles to ensure that we are providing the safest garments for our customers. This soft double knit nomex, kevlar, carbon mix is perfect for the scat snugfit design providing comfort and safety for the wearer against fire, spark, cold and wind. Nomex does come dyed in certain colours however we prefer to use the undyed natural knit. For any information on Brucks Nomex do not hesitate to email or call us for ISO and AS/NZS certifications for them. 

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